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This Is What Happy Looks Like

This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith What a disappointment. Everything is so cliche and dull and stereotypical.
The characters are so flat.
Couldn't stop groaning my way through this one.
Well at least the cover art is cute.

Slammed (Slammed, #1)

Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover The fact that I read this book within 5 hours in saying something

Me Before You

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes I've to admit that there are some strong cliches in some of the plot, but the overall story hits me like a brick.

I'm so torn between the decision that Will made and the decision everybody else had wanted him to make. But like how Will would have put it, the choice wasn't theirs, but it was his alone.


Attachments - Rainbow Rowell I melted off my chair with this one. No matter how many times my brain told me the ending is very much impossible, my heart can't quite stop from fluttering and flipping about. I mean the last sentence of the book really had me. God

The Little Android (Lunar Chronicles, #3.5)

The Little Android (Lunar Chronicles, #3.5) - Marissa Meyer It's so cute in a very evil way

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